Princes Tuna Mauritius | Ethical Recruitment

Developing a management system to ensure overseas workers are ethically recruited.

PTM was the first global supplier of canned tuna to be awarded the SA8000 certification.

Almost one third of PTM workers are recruited overseas, with approximately 1500 workers from Bangladesh, India and Madagascar. Therefore, the company is at high risk of unethical recruitment and forced labour.

In order to prevent labour exploitation within its operations, PTM developed a management system to ensure workers are ethically recruited, with regular monitoring of related recruitment agencies. PTM takes further measures such as covering travel expenses for workers to return to their home countries and provides safe dorms for workers to keep and access their identification documents.

PTM absorbs the costs of recruitment to ensure workers do not pay fees, paying about $600 per worker for recruitment.

Example from Best Practice Guidance on Ethical Recruitment of Migrant Workers, Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility.


Key learnings from PTM

  • Policy: strengthened the system of management to focus on ethical recruitment practices.
  • Beyond compliance: absorbed recruitment fees, including fees of their recruitment agencies.