The Business Network encourages sharing resources and lessons learned by organisations taking action to address forced labour risks in their supply chains.

Tools and resources


Business & Investor Toolkit

Walk Free’s toolkit helps business and investors take action to improve human rights standards in their supply chains and combat forced labour, human trafficking and other forms of modern slavery. We have curated these resources into five categories:

  • Understanding the problem
  • Supply chain due diligence, codes of conduct, corrective action and remedy
  • Legal obligations and frameworks
  • Modern slavery reporting
  • Financial sector tools



Progress Report 2023

This Progress Report sets out an overview of GABF consultations and activities, together with examples of progress made by governments and businesses to implement the AAA Recommendations.


AAA Recommendations – English

In a significant milestone, these Recommendations were agreed by the private and public sectors of 45 countries.


AAA Recommendations – Thai

In a significant milestone, these Recommendations were agreed by the private and public sectors of 45 countries.


Guide to the Implementation of the AAA by Business

Practical steps business can take to address forced labour issues, as outlined in the AAA Recommendations.


Quick Guide to Writing a Voluntary Modern Slavery Statement

For those “early adopters” among business, looking to be ahead of the laws and produce a voluntarily statement.


Progress Since Perth

Regional progress includes awareness raising programs, improvements to legislation & implementing ethical policies.


Perth Forum Work Plan

The inaugural workplan identifies key issues and outlines priorities areas for business and governments in the region.

Global Slavery Index

To learn more about how and where forced labour can occur within global supply chains, see the Global Slavery Index. The Index provides a country by country estimate of modern slavery and is published by Walk Free, secretariat of the Government and Business Forum.