Encourages deeper understanding by business and government of the scale of, and challenges associated with these domestic and transnational crimes. These crimes also undermine economic growth by contributing to inefficient labour markets, depressing wage rates and causing significant social costs. Consumer and investor choice is also increasingly driven by ethical considerations.

Recommendation 1

Deepen understanding within their own organisations and supply chains, through dedicated resources, training and capability development.

Global Slavery Index 2018 report

Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report

US Department of Labor List of Goods Produced by Child or Forced Labour

International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) CREST program – training

Recommendation 2

Conduct ongoing risk assessments and take steps to manage risk in accordance with best practice.


Responsible Sourcing Tool

Responsible Business Alliance

Labor Voices – Remediation/Grievances

Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA)


Encourages businesses to implement ethical business practices and governments to strengthen policy and legislative frameworks. Clear and consistent policies and legislation also offer an attractive investment destination for business. Consistency across jurisdictions will encourage business to act.

Recommendation 1

Improve supply chain transparency.

Writing your first modern slavery statement


Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (BHRRC) – Modern Slavery Reporting: Case Studies of Leading Practice

GRI Standards

Recommendation 2

Implement ethical and transparent recruitment practices.

Responsible Recruitment – IHRB

CGF 3 Industry Principles

International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) CREST program

Verité and Manpower Group – Ethical Framework for Cross-Border Labour Recruitment

Recommendation 3

Strengthen internal codes of conduct, contractual terms, procedures and policies that offer safeguards and avenues for redress for workers impacted by forced labour and related transnational crimes.

Responsible Recruitment and Social Compliance Tools from BSCI

Responsible Sourcing Tool – Sample Code of Conduct

Walk Free Foundation Toolkit “Tackling modern slavery in supply chains – A guide 1.0”

Know the Chain – Resource and Action Guide for ICT Companies (2016)


Recognises that the Government and Business Forum is at a pivotal stage of development. The Government and Business Forum’s Business Co-Chairs and Secretariat will develop a governance framework that ensures the ongoing sustainability and effectiveness of the Forum.

Recommendation 1

Establish a governance framework which ensures sustainability and effectiveness of the Government and Business Forum.

Recommendation 2

Promote the business case for taking action, including through research and case studies.

Recommendation 3

Encourage other businesses to take action, including through engagement with the Government and Business Forum.

Eradicating Modern Slavery: A Guide for CEOs

Supplementary Toolkit Resources

This page contains additional resources and tools from Bali Process Government and Business Forum Knowledge Partners to assist business understand, identify and manage the risk of modern slavery in their supply chains.


2018 Global Slavery Index, Walk Free Foundation

Konica Minolta’s Ethical Sourcing Roadmap

FLEX Report and Blueprint on corporate accountability

Wesfarmers Case Study: Ethical sourcing in Bangladesh and India

ShareAction Workforce Disclosure Initiative

Nestlé Training Course: Human Rights and Business

FLEX Labour Exploitation Accountability Hub

Supplier Self-Assessment Toolkit

Oxfam Report: Supermarket Responsibilities for supply chain worker’s rights

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA): Practical Guide to Implementing Responsible Business Conduct Due Diligence in Supply Chains

Responsible Workplace and Responsible Recruitment Programs

IOM IRIS (International Recruitment Integrity System)

Overview of key ILO Conventions

Verité Cumulus Forced Labour Screen

Harnessing the Power of Business to End Modern Slavery, Walk Free Foundation

IHRB Dhaka Principles

Modern Slavery: What Business Needs to Know, Walk Free Foundation

How Businesses can use the Global Slavery Index