The Bali Process Government and Business Forum

The Bali Process Government and Business Forum provides a platform for collaboration to bring an end to modern slavery. You can be part of the solution.

Nusa Dua Forum: Dino Patti Djalal, Founder of the Foreign Policy Community of Indonesia

"Under the AAA Recommendations we have a common platform, a strong concept and a framework of cooperation between government and the private sector. In the fight against modern slavery, that's the only way we can win."

Nusa Dua Forum: Rob Fyfe, former Chairman of Icebreaker

"Our transparency report has been a great tool for building awareness, not just within our organisation but within our community of influence: media, suppliers and other businesses in New Zealand are now looking to this as a case study for what they can do."

Andrew Forrest opens the 2018 Bali Process Business only Forum

"Imagine for a moment that modern slavery started to get a grip on our world in the years and ages to come..."

Nusa Dua Forum Press Conference: Hon Julie Bishop

Australia's Foreign Minister reflects on progress made by the Government and Business Forum in the past year and describes next steps as an integrated track of the Bali Process Ministerial.

Nusa Dua Forum: Memey’s story

"I became a victim of trafficking, I was sold and traded like things"

Nusa Dua Forum: Surangel Whipps Jr, CEO of Surangel & Sons

Palau's Business Leader reflects on the changes that have been made by the Palauan government since attending the Perth Forum in 2017.

Nusa Dua Forum: Chevaan Daniel

Sri Lanka's Business Leader speaks at the Business Only Forum on the importance of collaboration in the fight against modern slavery.

Nusa Dua Forum: Lina’s story

"Karyawan ada 48 orang, tetapi hanya 7 orang yang memiliki dokumen resmi, sisanya pekerja tanpa dokumen termasuk saya."
There were 48 employees but only 7 working legally, the rest working without any legal documents, including myself.

Nusa Dua Forum: Grace Forrest

Walk Free's co-founder answers the question: What outcomes do you hope to see from the Bali Process Government and Business Forum?

Nusa Dua Forum: Hobart Va’ai, Samoan CCI

Hobart's team in Samoa provides support to employers and help them understand what their legal commitments are.

Nusa Dua Forum: Aditi Wanchoo, adidas

"Business and government sitting together to talk about these issues is much needed"

Nusa Dua Forum: Andrew Forrest

Australian Co-Chairs: Businesses are increasingly committing to end modern slavery in response to consumer demands.

Nusa Dua Forum: Dana Graber Ladek, Chief of Mission, IOM Thailand

IOM Thailand work closely with the private sector through the CREST program, helping companies to eliminate labour exploitation from their supply chains.

Nusa Dua Forum: Rob Fyfe, VF Corporation

"As a business, we are very strongly led by a sense of social purpose: it matters to our 60 000 employees, it matters to our millions of consumers around the world."

Nusa Dua Forum: Chevaan Daniel, Capital Maharaja Group

"We have a general, we have an army and we're ready for the fight."

Nusa Dua Forum Press Conference: Andrew Forrest

"Today I’ve seen the first strong light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel: modern slavery can be brought to an end... I implore every country and every company to step up."

Interview with Neill Wilkins, IHRB on the role of transparency in driving best practice

Neill discusses the term 'modern slavery', the impact of the UK legislation, the risks faced by migrant workers and how businesses can respond.

Inaugural Bali Process Government and Business Forum (Perth, August 2017)

Business and Government leaders from 45 countries met in Perth, Western Australia to answer the key question: How can we use our collective influence to find an end to modern slavery?

Introducing: The Bali Process Government and Business Forum

The Government and Business Forum, an initiative of the Bali Process Ministerial, will convene for the first time in Perth, Western Australia on August 24-25, 2017.

Perth Forum, 2017: Hon John Anderson and Grace Forrest

Australia's former Deputy Prime Minister and Grace Forrest discuss the women's sugar boycott of 1791 to demonstrate the power consumers have to impact global supply chains. Clip taken with permission from John Anderson's full video.