What is Modern Slavery


Modern slavery, in the form of human trafficking, forced labour and the worst forms of child labour, is a hidden crime that affects every country and permeates all economic sectors. No country or industry is immune.


With 40.3 million victims globally, two thirds are estimated to be in the Asia-Pacific region (Joint Global Estimates, Walk Free Foundation and ILO). These crimes are severe exploitative circumstances of abuse, often accompanied by other human rights violations, poor labour standards, and associated with organised criminal behaviour, corrupt or fraudulent practices. Many of these crimes occur in the supply chains of corporations.


No business, government or individual can attempt to end these crimes in isolation. Collaboration is crucial. In a first for our region, the Bali Process Government and Business Forum provides a strategic platform for collaboration.


To understand more about the forms of modern slavery, please visit https://www.walkfreefoundation.org/understand/.